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    Record Captivate Using Captivate

      I'm working with IT to certify Captivate 3 - I need to provide a test script. How cool would it be to capture opening Captivate and performing basic functions using Captivate, then publish to Word. Captivate will only allow one instance at a time. I'm using Remote Desktop as well to test. Any thoughts to override the one instance at a time rule?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi kerstent,

          There is no prohibition against opening multiple instances of Captivate on the same desktop. The fact that you are not "local" (using Remote Desktop) may be problematic however, and I don't know of a way around that (if it doesn't work, that is ... I haven't personally tried it, so am unsure why it wouldn't work for you) ...
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            kerstent Level 1
            Thanks for the reply.
            Clarification - you can open up two instances of Captivate, but you cannot be editing two movies at the same time...I wanted to start recording and then demonstrate how to - well - start and complete a recording. I was able to open an existing/demo movie and perform some basic edit functions. I will need to augment my test script with how to create a recording the old fashioned way.
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              Andy Jones Level 1
              Hi Kerstent,

              You want to Capture a Capture session? Erm - why?

              Thing is this: Captivate is transparent when doing a record. So you could record up to the moment you press record - but after that you'd just be capturing a screen - as you would anyway. Do you see what I mean?

              You could mock it up nicely - it's a bit difficult to explain though. Larry is right though - anything else you do with Captivate Editing (which is where you add the magic anyway) can be captured no problem.


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                kerstent Level 1
                Hi AJ - I needed a test script for our IT team to run when validating the packaged instanced worked...so I wanted to use captivate to create the script (click here, this happens, click here, this happens...etc). I was able to open up an existing movie to get most of the other functionality, but I could not record creating a recording. Thanks!
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                  macrofireball Level 3
                  Hi Kerstent

                  The only way to do this would be to use a screen grab tool such as SnagIt to take screen shots of the New project options dialog etc. Once you have captured these you can then just insert them as images into your Adobe Captivate project.

                  Regards - Mark
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                    Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    Hi all

                    And to expound on what fellow Adobe Community Expert Mark offered, you could use the Highlight Box object in Captivate on those slides to add the "Red Recording Rectangle" that would also simulate the one you see in Captivate. Additionally, I've managed to capture the "Camera Shutter Sound" effect Captivate produces (it's actually embedded in the Captivate application and doesn't exist as a sound clip). If you are interested in obtaining it, drop me a line at captiv8r (at) kc (dot) rr (dot) com and I'll be happy to send it your way. I recall it being difficult to obtain at the time I needed it.

                    Cheers... Rick