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    suppressing errors in render engine


      im using a trapcode plugin, but only have one license on my render farm. so i'm preRendering the comps that use the plugin, and setting a proxy to the preRender. i want to render the rest of the comp using the render farm that does NOT have the plugin. im setting up my comp settings to use comp proxies. unfortunately, the render is failing because it detects the plugin, even tho it's not necessary for the render.


      is there any way to supress missing plugin errors when rendering on a farm using watch folder?


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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          The references will have to be removed from the project by removing the effect. Should be no problem, as apparently based on your workflow you already have some sort of dedicated "render only" project. You can of course always make Peder Norrby happy nad buy more licenses...