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    Premiere will not open - stuck on loading


      OK - tech stuff: Macbook pro 2009, OSX 10.6.2, 4 gig Ram, Premiere version 4.2.1


      So premiere crashed rendering out to Media Encoder (also crashed) and now will not open anymore - I just get the spinning beachball! Opening the force quit menu has premiere marked as not responding. There is no Adobe crash dialog or anything it just freezes. Please don't ask about removing preferences - been on a Mac long enough to know that's always step 1.


      So what's the remedy - and please don't say reinstall?


      I do get an error log after force quitting if that will help - link as a txt file below.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The first thing that I would do is "trash your Prefs." Now, on a PC, this can be accomplished by holding down the Shift key (IIRC), while launching. The Mac could be different. In another thread, I posted the location of the Prefs file on Windows XP. That will be of no use on a Mac, but I'll bet that a Mac user can give you the specific location. On the PC, the file in question is: Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs. PrPro will recreate that, if you Move it out of its location, or Rename the original.


          Also, with the failure to launch, have you added any audio VST's, since it last launched, especially "instruments" VST's? Only reason that I ask is that PrPro cannot load many of those, but will try. Might be totally moot, and if so - just ignore.


          Good luck,



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            tim_0000 Level 1

            Thanks Bill, but alas have already trashed the prefs and no luck. Have not installed anything new at all. I suppose I should add that I have not a single problem, until now, since the install about a month ago. No crashes, freeezes or any misbehaviour.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              It was just a guess anyway.


              Few users have had an issue with PrPro not launching, after it has done so. Most failures to launch are related to the initial installation. I'm otherwise at a loss, and being a PC-guy, don't even know what might be the issue on a Mac - sorry


              Good luck, and hope that one of our X-platform, or Mac-expert users can give you some suggestions,



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                i had a similar problem on my pc. not sure if the process is the same on a mac though. have you tried opening an auto-saved copy prior to the crash? if that doesn't work try this.

                delete all conforming files, pek & cfa or whatever mac files premiere creates. open a new project and go to preferences and clean out the media cache. try opening the project now.

                if that doesn't work try transferring all your work files to a different HD and opening it. i did this thinking that my Adobe Suite was damaged and needed to be reinstalled so to save time i was going to work on another computer. opened fine on the other computer, with the files on an external HD. I decided to work on the project on the original computer to confirm if i needed to reinstall PProCS4, for whatever reason the project opened. I don't know what got erased or wasn't copied that cleared it up.

                I hope this helps.

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                  tim_0000 Level 1

                  Thanks jportx but I can't even get the application to open let alone open a project file!!!! All I get is a freeze on the startup splash screen - I can't get any further than that!!! Attached image of what I get....


                  Does anyone on a mac think they can understand the crash log???

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                    rejdmast1 Level 2

                    Why don't you just restore your last good image backup and re-try PP?

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                      jportx Level 1

                      yeah, the star-up "hang" is what i get too.

                      No, don't open your file. just open a new project and go to preferences and and clear the media cache. don't try to open your project. then follow the other steps. have you tried opening your "auto-saved" file to a project before the crash. that should be the first thing. after that follow the other stuff.


                      or maybe i'm misunderstanding and when you try to launch PPro it doesn't even give you the option to select a project to open, it just hangs on the strart-up... is that it?

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                        Matt Petersen Level 3

                        could also try opening premiere while resetting the plugin cache, which on PC is holding down SHIFT while launching Premiere. not 100% of the key for mac.


                        also, installed or removed fonts lately, or using a font management program? that can also hinder PP startup.



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                          tim_0000 Level 1

                          Thanks Guys,

                          Was checking the other similar post http://forums.adobe.com/thread/387177?tstart=0 and came across a solution (running activity monitor pointed to ImporterProcessServer):

                          Thanks  to Bill and Bob - I searched for ImporterProcessServer posts and found  one that said that turning off and on your machine usually solves any  issues. Yeah, I know it's tech support 101 but hey sometimes the most  obvious answers! So seeing as it was the simplest solution I tried it  and VIOLA!


                          So  yes Premiere is working again! I was able to open the project I was  working on - so no corruption with the original file.


                          So I guess  the question is what the hell happened??? Why did premiere crash out of  nowhere and then refuse to open???


                          I guess the answer lies in the mysteries of  the ImporterProcessServer....


                          So big thanks to Bill and Bob!



                          Hopefully that works for others suffering similar issues....



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                            Bart Cross Level 4

                            I have the same issue, can't even reset the prefs by holding the Shift key because the error message comes up first. I searched and did everything that was offered but I still have the same issue. It was working for a while after the initial install, but I only recently started using it again after many months of lying dormant due to other commitments.


                            Looks like a re-install to solve the problem.


                            Vista Ultimate 64bit, 8Gb RAM, 5 Hds, nVidia 8600GT, Adobe Master Collection CS4.