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    Sizing up a Project

    foxetown Level 1

      I have XD EX1 footage files (1080 by 1920 progressive) that were pulled into a 720 x 480 CS3 project.


      If I create a new CS4 project and import the CS3 project, is there a way to "size up" to full resolution?

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Just create a new sequence with the correct XDCAM format and import the footage and you are done.

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            foxetown Level 1

            Thanks.  Just to be sure I understand though:


            suppose I want all the in-out points and video effects I used in the old project, I:


            import the CS3 720 x 480 project into the CS4 project,

            Create a new HD sequence

            open the old sequence and select it all

            past it into the new HD sequence?


            Is there an easier way than that?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              I don't have CS3 installed anymore, so I can't check it for you, but possibly the easiest way is to import the old project/sequence into the new CS4 sequence.

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                foxetown Level 1

                Well, when I import an entire project into CS4 from a CS3 project, it creates new sequences that match the original CS3 settings.    When you say "import into the new CS4 sequence," I'm confused because I thought projects were imported into bins.  I see the setting that asks "imported selected sequences," and that brings up the bin structure of the old project, but when I pick a sequence to import, it still brings it in as a 720 x 480 sequence.

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                  Colin Brougham Level 6

                  Correct, because there was a paradigm shift between CS3 and CS4. In CS3, settings like frame rate and dimensions are done at the project level. In CS4, a project is just a container, and those types of settings are made at the sequence level. In other words, in CS4, you can have as many sequences of different settings as you like in a single project.


                  What this means is that, when you import a pre-CS4 project/sequence into a CS4 project, it maintains its original settings. But once that sequence is available in your CS4 project, open it, copy everything, create a new sequence at your desired settings, and paste into it. Done.

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                    foxetown Level 1

                    Great.  Thanks.