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    Embedding flash movie in a web page

    Mark Levesque Level 1

      I have created a flash movie using actionscript 3 and an xml file with a list of images for a slideshow. After clicking publish, I can view the slideshow by previewing the html file it creates for you. However, I want to embed this flash movie in a different web page. When I try to add it in Dreamweaver, by dragging and dropping the swf file into the page, a flash placeholder is generated, but the movie does not play when previewed. It is just blank white space.


      Now I watched the Tom Green tutorials on "flash the easy way" and my flash (CS4 professional) did NOT generate the AC_RunActiveContent.js files. I did find and download the file and manually added it to my Scripts folder. Still no joy.


      I will note that the html file that embeds the flash video is in a different directory than the movie itself. Surely this cannot be the issue, otherwise people's websites would be incredibly messy with multiple flash videos. I am trying to put all the flash movies in their own child directories of a /flash directory to keep them neat and organized.


      I am not sure what to do next. How do you make the dang thing play on a web page that is in another directory?