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    Problem with FTP

      Hi. I'm new to Dreamweaver, and have recently been making a webpage with a friend. We set up an FTP connection; my friend worked directly on the FTP server, while I worked on a site on my computer, which I'd upload to the server. Most of the site used a lot of CSS and pictures. I uploaded the entire site on my computer, then proceeded to change one part which I uploaded. Now my friend lost much of the formating when he tries to edit, though I can still see it fine and the web page is fine. It seems that the CSS coding got deleted, even though he's still using the same files as he was the other day. Also, all of the pictures don't show. I tried creating the site again on his computer so he could download the entire site, which he did, but it still wont display correctly on his computer. However, the images are correct for this part. Any advice?