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    Navigating/Linking to subpages in flash


      Hi there I'm pretty new to this but wanted to find out if it is possible to create a full flash site where I am able to click on links within the site and like an HTML website the links/pages are shown in the url as such 


      HTML SITE   - example: www.example.com/bio.html


      FLASH SITE - example: www.examples.com/bio


      The example for the Flash Site is what I am looking to do and I'm wondering if this is possible.. I've seen some sites that I believe are Flash Sites which have this type of set up please see the link provided. http://lodgerfilms.com


      IF you click on the link and choose a navigational link you'll see what I mean.

      Is this possible to do and if so could you provide some assistance as to how to do this or tutorials...

      Thanks very much