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    Urgent - Scrambled audio

    Karen Cg



      Am I using the Audio --> Edit --> Project option wrong? I make one change somewhere in the timeline (eg. screen 10-11 out of 80), and something else further down the timeline (eg. screen 62-64) will get scrambled, completely out of shape, for no reason. This happens after I've just fixed the audio for screens 62-64 a minute ago before editing 10-11!!!


      Why? Please help!




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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi Karen


          There are a couple of issues I see here.


          1. You are using the words 80 and Slides in the same sentence.


          That's a bit high for the recommended guideline of 50-65 slides for the upper limit. So that is likely one issue to consider.


          2. You are then saying you are using the option to edit audio for the whole project.


          Likely the combination of a large project with audio on each slide as well as this type of editing is what is causing the issue. Typically if audio is involved, you will have a separate narration on each slide. I'm not sure I've ever heard of a good result being obtained by editing in this manner. Captivate is simply trying to juggle too much at once by re-splitting the audio for each slide. My guess is that it's getting confused and as a result, you are seeing the scrambled audio. When you work in this manner you are really working with a singular extremely large audio file. Captivate is then being asked to slice it up into smaller segments. One per slide. So you will be better off creating many smaller individual narration segments.


          Cheers... Rick


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