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    Menu Shortcuts are not working


      Dreamweaver CS4, Mac OS 10.6.2



      Situation: the keyboard shortcuts for menu items have suddenly stopped working. Keyboard shortcuts for all other applications, including other Adobe products, are working correctly.




      1. Keyboard Shortcut Preferences: My first thought was to go to Keyboard Shortcuts and reassign the shortcuts but under the current selected set (and any of other the default sets or user originated sets) the window where shortcuts are normally displayed is blank. This window is blank for the Menu Commands and Code Editing options but under the Document Editing or Snippets options the list of shortcuts is displayed. These shortcuts also work correctly when used.
      2. Menubar: When pressing the menu shortcut on the keyboard I noticed that the name of the menu in the Menubar under which a particular menu item belongs was highlighted (ex: Edit in the Menubar is highlighted when pressing Command-C ).
      3. Custom Set Files: I opened the XML files in the Custom Sets folder at <username>:Library:Application Support:Adobe:Dreamweaver  CS4:en_US:Configuration:Menus:Custom Sets and can see the menu items and their respective shortcuts that would normally appear under Menu Commands and Code Editing as well as the shortcuts for both Document Editing and Snippets. the files look fine, their permissions are set correctly.
      4. I replaced the Custom Sets XML files with archived copies and restarted Dreamweaver; same problem.
      5. I threw away the cache folder for Menus in both Configuration folders, one under Application Support and the otrher found in the Dreamweaver Application folder, restarted Dreamweaver and continue to have the same problem


      Not sure what to do next. I DO NOT want to have to re-install Dreamweaver if at all possible.