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    Flash 8 "Print Function"

      I made a simple print function in separate fla and it was working but when i paste my print_function in orginal fla it by pass the if(myResult) { >> and reach to last line >> delete my_pj.

      I really dont understand why it is happening. your input and help is appreciated.

      var my_pj = new PrintJob();
      var myResult = my_pj.start();
      myResult = my_pj.addPage (0, {xMin : 0, xMax: 750, yMin: 0, yMax: 890});
      myResult = my_pj.addPage ("cert_clip", {xMin : 0, xMax: 750, yMin: 600, yMax: 890},{printAsBitmap:false}, 1);
      myResult = my_pj.addPage (1, null,{printAsBitmap:false}, 2);
      myResult = my_pj.addPage (0);

      delete my_pj;

      I already put the trace action and check the creation of object. print object is create but at my_pj.start() it would not popup the print dialog box.