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    Lost audio in Captivate 2

      I have created an e-learning class that has 127 slides. Not all slides have audio. I have several click box slides that do not have audio. When I published the movie and began to view it right around 79 slides into the movie (following one of the slides with no audio) I lose the narration and the recorded narration never returns. The slides continue to advance and move through the movie then on the last slide the audio mysteriously returns to normal for the last slide.

      I tried republishing to a different drive, closing and relaunching captivate, and removing the unused library items but none of them helped

      Has anyone else had this issue and can you offer any assistance?
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          Melissa012 Level 1
          We have the same issue. Currently we have three people using this program and all experience the same problem. My best advice is to run the installer (which is saved in your computer) and run that. If you republish after you run that, and you still have the problem, run the installer again. Sometimes I have to run it three or four times, but it will eventually work. I figured this out one day bc I was tired of getting nothing from tech support. I have called so much and never got an answer, plus I called all the offices listed in the US, got no one, they just kept transferring me to India. Their tech support and customer service are useless.

          Try that, hopefully that should work. Also, if you start getting audio that doubles (you hear the audio but the same audio is playing along with it..almost like you put the same audio track on a slide, two times), export the audio onto your desktop then remove the audio on the slide, then import the audio that you just exported back onto the slide. Sounds crazy, but that's the fix.

          Hope that helps!
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            rita6130 Level 1
            Thanks for your suggestion Melissa012.
            After many days of frustration trying to figure this out and a few attempts to call support (which we never were able to get through - the phone kept disconnecting as soon as the call proceeded) we were able to figure out the problem ourselves.

            I had used one of the sound effects from the gallery. I added it to the library and then I used that item from the library 6 times. When the movie reached the third instance of that library item it stopped playing the audio. Apparently the library did not like the multiple use of a sound clip from the gallery. I copied the file and renamed it 5 times and replaced the audio on the slides so that there was no more than 1 useage of a sound effect in the library. That corrected my issue. I was able to publish the movie and the sound played until the end.

            I have posted this so that hopefully if anyone else has multiple sound clips in the library and they can not hear audio they may try this work around.

            Thanks everyone.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Thank you, rita130! I've recently noticed the same or similar behavior with repeatedly used objects. That might work for them, too, though I haven't had a chance to try it yet. Your posting and your thoughts are appreciated!