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    ProgessBar and TileList - simple question




      I am picking item from TileList (buttons with defined labels) and I am sending them to the rich text editor with itemRollOver action in TileList.

       private function TileListSend(e:ListEvent):void{
                        rte.text+= e.itemRenderer.data.label;


      Now I want to define progressBar and after its complete I want to invoke TileListSend(event).

      I created a progressBar with timer but i dont know how to connect it to the TileListSend function.

      My progressBar

      private var timer:Timer;
                  private function timer_timer(evt:TimerEvent):void {
                      progressBar.setProgress(progressBar.value + 1, 100);

                  private function progressBar_complete():void {
                      progressBar.setProgress(0, 100);
              private function progressOut():void{
                  private function playProgressBar():void {