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    Fla test works but not SWF

    akiva.kent Level 1
      The bundled sample "first app" in the componentsapplication folder of components that comes with the Studio 8 installation CD populates the cart using the products.xml file when I use "test" from the drop-down menu within the Flash 8 authoring window,

      However, when I export the fla to a SWF (flash player 8 checked), the cart is not populated with the listings from the products.xml file and is blank.

      The component uses a relative reference for the URL "products.xml" which is in the same folder as the .fla and exported SWF file.

      However, if I use an absolute reference for the products.xml file, the problem persists.

      There is no reason to post any code because I am using the exact "first app" sample that came with the [legal copy] installation CD.
      Thank you.