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    Default Preferences Setup

      I am using Captivate 3. I have created customised captions for text, success, failure and hint. I go to Edit Preferences and choose my caption defaults for all these choices and it works really well. Here's the hoot. When I click on "Restore defaults" button found on the Preference screen for recording text captions it goes back to ADOBE Blue etc. the defaults of the system. Where can I update the defaults I want so that when I click on the "Restore defaults" button it chooses my customized captions for text, success, failure etc?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          You can change the selections at the "Record New ... > Settings" dialog. But that doesn't mean your custom stuff will be the new "defaults" when that button is clicked ... the system defaults will remain the system defaults. The good news is they are recognized by their filename, I believe, so ...

          ... you could change the system defaults to your custom stuff by naming your customized captions to the same names as the system defaults - replacing "Adobe Blue" with your own "Adobe Blue" and so on for the rest of the actual default values.

          Of course, before doing so, you would want to first rename the original captions so you don't lose them entirely by overwriting them.

          Make sense?