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    Recording using a written script

    John Clarke

      Before I produce my training material I write a script that contains what I am going to say.  I then record the materials and read the script at the same time.  However, so far I have found this approach a little awkward because my script is on paper and I keep having to turn from paper based script to my screen.


      I have been considering recording the audio component of my training material first (using the script) and then play it back to myself while recording the visual component.  Although this seems like a better solution I still have one issue.  As I read the script I run through it using the product I am delivering the training for.  This allows me to get the timings sorted.  But when I am swapping from a paper based script to the PC things can get a little muddled.


      Any suggestions for a better way of producing these recordings?



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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi John


          Normally we find the best approach to be the way Hollywood movies work. You record the main action without audio. Certainly you might speak it out as you move through it in order to get the timing close. Then add the audio later. Captivate has the ability to present the Script (entered as notes on the slide) on screen along with the action as you record. This method breaks apart the action that is recorded first so you can focus just on the action, then you shift focus and work on narration.


          Recording both at the same time is difficult at best. I've been creating some training videos recently using Camtasia and using that approach. It's cumbersome and there are LOTS of re-records as I fumble, mumble and stumble repeatedly over words while recording.


          Hope this helps... Rick



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            John Clarke Level 1

            Hi Rick,

                        Thanks for your reply.  So as I understand it I can record my action.  After I have finished recording my actions I can write notes.  Then once I have finished those notes I can read record the audio versions of my notes.  Is that correct?


            Can I then easily create closed caption versions of my notes for learners with hearing problems?


            Best Wishes