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    A visual outline - your thoughts?


      As I program more I notice that I like it best when a file is less than 500 lines of code, once over that it feels like I can't get around in it.  I use the outline pane to jump around in my code and avoid scolling around trying to remember if I wrote this function before that function.  But I was thinking that the outline pane is still just a table of contents.


      It would seem to me that organizing this data in a visual format so you can glance at it and see the various function you wrote, drag them around to group them into logical clusters, turn on and off connecting lines to see what a function calls, etc.  That it could be a far better way of managing code.  Because it's not just lines of text that we are managing, it's concepts and logic, virutal items that react to input.


      I can't be the only one that has thought about this.  As Flash/Flex/Air developers we all must think of UI.  We give our users highly visual interfaces to navigate our sites and apps, could we create an equally advanced UI to navigate our code?  Can this be created as a plugin for Eclipse/Flash Builder?


      Any thoughts on this?