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    Symbols: Un-snap-able?


      Today I'm a little frustrated with symbols and instances.


      I created an illustration full of instances and found that only the bounding box of an instance — and not the vectors within it — can snap to other objects and guides.


      This just don't seem right, son.

      Is it just me or are the contents of an instance invisible to other objects?



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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          That's what a symbol is a link to an original. It is not an independent copy unless you break the link to the symbol.


          So if you want them to be independent objects or art after you plc the instance break the link there is an icon at the bottom of the symbols panel for this purpose.


          You can double click a symbol instance with the selection tool nd it will allow you to edit the symbols content but once you leave isolation mode all the symbols will change.


          The way the alignment work is correct behavior as far as I can see.

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            HemifloWer Level 1

            Wade, I've been at this game for over two decades.

            I fully understand what a symbol is and what an instance is.


            My concern is not that the objects are not independently editable entities, but rather, that their contents don't interact with other objects.

            As far as I'm concerned, any path or node that can bee SEEN — that I

            know is there — should be snap-able, regardless of wheter or not it can be EDITED. The fact that it's inside of a logical construct called an "instance" is irrelevant.



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              Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

              If you know what they are then you know how they behave and if you are making a feature request yu will probably do better posting in the Feature Request forum.


              I would think!

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                HemifloWer Level 1

                You make a good point— I will submit a feature request.