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    Flash Player window too small

    RedKat420 Level 1

      I'm having problems with my daughter's laptop (Dell Inspiron)and the Adobe flash player. She is running firefox. (I am too on our home computer, and have no problems with Adobe, only on her laptop)  Whenever she plays games, the flash window is too small, and she cannot enlarge it to do all the actions needed in the games. (I've downloaded the latest version). In some games, right-clicking allows me to expand the window, but as soon as she clicks something on the game and it goes to another part of it, the window returns to the smaller view. And some games right clicking just gives me the settings and about options. I've tried changing the resoloution on her computer, although I knew this probably wouldn't help, and it did not affect the player at all. Any help is appreciated.

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          lkz728 Level 1

          Hi. I am having the same problem on my Dell insprion, playing games on facebook. I am playing cafe world and happy island. The game window is very small and there is a blue bar on the right and bottom of the game window. It wasn't like this when I started playing, and I am not sure what I did to change this. I do know that I did something to change this and it was unintentional and unknowing. I am still looking for the answer to this and I hope someone sees my description and is able to tell me how to change the size of the game window. I read in another discussion, where the person said it was all the zymga games, well this is not true. I am playing mafia wars, farmville, cafeworld, fishville and yoville. The only zynga games that are affected this way is Cafe world and yoville...the others have a normal game window with nothing blue inside the same window. I play other games that are not zynga like countrylife, lil farm, lil rock pool and happy island. The only one of those games affected by this same problem is happy island. There is a setting somewhere that has changed within the flash player and it has nothing to do with the games itself. Finding this setting is the problem. At one time playing happy island and cafeworld, I could right click and a longer setting window would come up and it would say shown all, I would click on that and the game window would go back to normal.....but now I can no longer access that menu. So anyway, I am hoping someone reads our posts will ALL my description and can help us both.


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            mrkujala Level 1

            Try Ctrl + 0 which should bring back your original size

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              mrkujala Level 1

              And btw, you could easily re-size the Flash Player window size in Facebook/Zynga games with Ctrl + + and Ctrl + - combinations

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                lkz728 Level 1

                This does not work. Please understand me......The original window is still there, it hasn't been shrunk. The Game has been shrunk inside of that original window and has blue around it in the original window. I have tried this and it just shrinks or enlarges the original window, does nothing for the game window.

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                  happygamer Level 1

                  Thank you SOOO much. Adobe wasn't able to help since flashplayer is a free download. They

                  sent me to this forum. You SOLVED our problem.  This worked for us. Thanks again.

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                    nnystrom Level 1

                    I have a similar problem that wasn't solved by the previous solutions. On certain sites, like mlb.com, the flash player is used to look at scores, videos, etc.. but when I use Ctrl++ to increase the screen size the areas that use FP remain the same size - thus creating a gap because everything around the FP window grows but it does not. How can I increase the size of the FP window as well? thanks!

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                      koxford Level 1

                      I am having the same problem. It happens when I'm streaming flash videos. The flash video is too small for the frame or not centered correctly. Changing the zoom of the webpage does not fix the issue. I've tried reinstalling flash but that doesn't seem to fix the problem.

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                        toloko Level 1

                        I have this problem on courseware.

                        It occurs with Windows XP and Windows 7 on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers. I'm using the Version 10 Flash Player.


                        When I launch a course module it opens a new full-screen fixed size window with the Flash Player about 2" wide on a 22" monitor. This player has a miniuscule capital "A" beside it, almost as if the A were a bullet point. I can enlarge and reduce the Flash Player using the Ctrl +(=) and Ctrl - keys. I have to enlarge it to about 300% of the original size to get it to display normally. It does work for me, but I wish I knew how to avoid the problem.


                        Here is the modified URL that, I think, contains the setup for the window. I replaced the domain, the ID name and all the numbers with #.

                        http://domain.com/NewLinx/MixedContentPlayer.php?Begin=Y&CourseID=ssi###^####&ssi001^####& CourseVersion=1&ClusterLevel=1&UserID=Name&SessionKey=##########&ExternalSCO=&Reviewer=&Pr eview=&OriginalCourseID=&SCORMWrapper=&aicc_url=&aicc_sid=

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                          Janakat Level 1

                          I don't know if this is exactly the same problem, but my cafe world game window refuses to show the whole game. The controls on the left side and bottom are covered by advertisements, no matter what resolution I use. Ctrl+ and Ctrl- do nothing useful, full screen vs. reduced doesn't effect this. Ctrl O merely sent me to another entirely different page on the web. I enclose a piccy of my problem, and would love it if someone could come with a solution. Thanks for any help provided.



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                            LynMM Level 1

                            Thank you for the Ctrl ++ and Ctrl --   It finally worked.  For anyone who is still having trouble:  It would not work when I had the cursor clicked on the Farmville window, I had to go outside the window and click on the white surrounding area, then hit Ctrl+ three times before my window was large enough to see the gift box and all the other perimeter items that were off the edge before.  I don't know how it got so small to start with, it wasn't always that way, but for the last 3 months I haven't been able to use my desktop (the one with the problem) - could only use the laptop.  I tried this on the laptop and it works there too!  Thanks again!  You made my day!