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    Spry Navigation in a Library

    Mathew Dex



      Started working with my CS4 just month ago. So I'm quite new to this. I tryed to search for the solution to my problem, but couldnt.


      The problem is that I want to make a drop down menu in Spry and have it as library item so I can paste it in every page that I have. The problem is that when I select my menu and add it to new library item I get list with bullets thats not a spry menu. I understand that I need to add css to it but I cant find how. I found this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qfzviQZW0c4 that shows exactly what I need, but as you can see it's in very low quality so I cant se what the person is doing. So maybe someone can guide me in to right direction step by step. Thank you!