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    High CPU usage

      there are a lot of movieclips (about 1000), attached to stage using attachMovie. no movie has mouse event functions (such as onRollOver, etc), movies are only square shapes without any code. when mouse doesn't move - all is ok, but when it begin to move over those movies, CPU usage grows up to 30-40%
      is it possible to make those movies to ignore any mouse events and prevent growth of CPU usage?
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          If they don't have mouse events then I don't believe so. If they all have onEnterFrame code you may be able to reduce it by consolidating to one central onEnterFrame handler, but it doesn't sound like that is relevant.

          As an experiment, try moving your mouse around rapidly over the main actionscript forum webpage and take a look at your CPU usage. I'm not saying that's a good comparator (after all the js in the webpage may have a lot of mouse handlers running), but my laptop (which isn't very powerful) whips up to 100% CPU on the webpage alone. Other web pages are not so greedy but can get up to 30-40% in bursts for me without using flash. It just depends on your processor/system specs I guess.