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    Dropdown menu help

    Beyond Fundings, Inc.

      Hello Dreamweaver Users,


      I am a rookie to web developing and designing, I've been learning with some online courses and some web research. I finally understand that I need to use php, because of my phpmyadmin(mysql) database is php. I also know how to build the tables and the basic of crud. Now my problem is with this company website (address is @ the bottom please take a preview) that I need to either make a page to call the page from the company I work for while keeping my banner and footer. This site allow users to choose if they want to keep their existing phone number or get a  new number, both option takes you to a new screen and in the get new number page you'll get a dropdown menu with -select- text. Once country is clicked a second dropdown menu bar appear for the Region/State. After you make all your selection the price and a "cancel" &  a "select" button shows up to complete the form. My problem is how to  take the selected data send it to my e-commerce shopping cart or to my phpMyadmin(mysql) then to a form for the shoping cart?  This is where I get confuse, can anyone help me please.


      I have also attached some screenshots of the website http://www.postqueue.com/secure/choose-did.php


      Thank you