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    premiere pro cs4: h.264 export stutters




      I didn’t find any hints referring to a solution for my problem in that forum nor anywhere else around the internet. but maybe some of the active members of that forum know the problem and the solution:


      I am exporting a 60-minutes film from premiere pro cs4 to mp4 with using the h.264 codec, the format of the original video in the timeline is HDV 50i.


      after the export I play the file (most recent VLC player) and it is stuttering. as soon as I jump to another part of the film the image freezes while the sound is played correctly. from a certain point of the film on (approximately in the middle) the file is not played anymore at all, the player crashes.


      I tried several h.264 export settings (HDTV 1080p 25 High Quality, 1440 x 1080i 25 High Quality, for each I tried VBR 1-pass, VBR 2-pass, CBR) but the effects occur. the same happens when I export h.264-blue ray.


      any solution to that problem known?

      or a good workaround to export from PP CS4 to a codec that is comparably good?


      thank you!