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    Errors 1335 and 2350


      I seem to have a similar problem installing the latest version of Adobe Reader 9.3 as others have had in the past with other Adobe products, but I'm not sure I understand either the cause or solution.  I previously had Adobe Reader 7 on my laptop and, having successfully downloaded version 9.3 from the web site along with the DLM, the installation stopped at c. 98% and recorded 'Error 1335, The cabinet file Data 1.cab required for installation is corrupt. Could indicate Network Error, error reading from CD ROM or problem with package.'  Choosing the 'Ignore' option brought up 'Error 2350 FDI server error'.  I have consequently lost Adobe Reader 7 and cannot install 9.3.  I have cleared the downloaded files and tried again from scratch with the same result.  I am running Windows XP with all the latest updates.  Can anyone explain the nature of the Error messages and how I can overcome them please?  Be gentle with the techno-babble as I am a relative IT novice and trying to do these things on my own without the help of an IT department or intelligent kids! Thanks. Jinjajohn.

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          I am having the same issues and have no idea what to do now. This is the second time I have tried to download a trial version from adobe and am extremely disappointed. I hope we both get an answer quickly. I have been up all night trying to make it download.

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            Jinjajohn Level 1

            Many thanks for this advice, it appears to have worked as I have now successfully downloaded and installed Adobe Reader 9.3!


            If you have the time and patience, I would welcome an explanation as to why the route you suggested was successful, whereas several attempts to download and install from the regular Adobe web site failed.


            Kind regards.



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              vbhv_malik Level 1


              I am not aware about the exact nature of the problem, but the error message you got mentions that file Data1.cab is corrupt.


              As far as I know, the download manager extracts installation files and other components from the installer. During this time any glitch in the network can cause this extraction to fail resulting in loss of continuity of data or even its authenticity.


              As such errors are generally uncontrollable and intermittent, hence it becomes difficult to find the root cause for these failures.


              Now when you downloaded the installer from the above mentioned link, it will not be uncompressed over the network when you install it. Rather all processing is done on your machine, hence such errors are avoided.


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                Jinjajohn Level 1

                Many thanks for the explanation and for taking the time to send it out.  I think I am a little wiser!  However, as the same error was repeated over several attempts and several days, it would appear to be something that can occur quite frequently rather than 'intermittently'.  Anyway, Adobe Reader 9.3 is working well and I have successfully downloaded updates for it as well.  Thanks again for your help.





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                  vbhv_malik Level 1

                  I said it is intermittent w.r.t. no of users facing it, and not with no of times for particular users.

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                    I am experiencing EXACTLY the same problem as the original poster on this chain with the full Adobe Acrobat 9.3.3


                    "recorded 'Error 1335, The cabinet file Data 1.cab required for installation is corrupt. Could indicate Network Error, error reading from CD ROM or problem with package.'  Choosing the 'Ignore' option brought up 'Error 2350 FDI server error'.  I have consequently lost Adobe Acrobat 7 and cannot install 9.3."


                    The same error happened from my installation disk and from the product trial version download.  I was on with Adobe Technical Support for 2.5 hours yesterday and he failed to resolve the situation and I broke off the support call, simply angered and frustrated.


                    I am attempting to install under Windows 7, and this is the only program I have attempted to install that has had even a blip.


                    I might note in addition that due to the recurrent "License Recovery" issue, my prior install of Acrobat 9 refuses to work almost daily, and I simply run the License Recovery fix every morning.


                    Adobe software delivers great functionality when it works, but I have to say I am really sick and tired of the time I waste trying to get these products to work and install at a basic level!


                    Is there a workable download equivalent to the Reader solution you provided for the full Adobe Acrobat 9.3.3?  Or an upgraded file that would accept my product key


                    Many thanks --- I am at my wits end and ready to give up Acrobat permanently if I can't resolve this.

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                      vbhv_malik Level 1

                      Repairing Acrobat seems the best option for you. Hope it will smooth out eveything and then you won't have to look for alternatives.

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                        mutvich Level 1

                        The product will not install on my Windows 7 system.




                        It aborts mid-install and I have random files on my system which I cannot

                        uninstall through Windows Control Panel.




                        After a two hour session with Adobe Technical that failed to resolve the

                        problem (I have an open TechSupport ticket) , I have essentially given up

                        attempting to install my purchased Adobe Acrobat on my Windows 7 system




                        Unless you have an idea of how I might download a fresh copy from the Adobe

                        Website that would accept my Acrobat 9 serial number (I tried that at one

                        point but the directions were confusing and the file refused to boot).




                        Where do I go for valid customer support on a purchased product that will

                        work?   I cannot waste more time on this!




                        Thank you for your response




                        Michael Utvich


                        [telephone number removed by host]

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                          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional



                          I cannot give you much in the way of help, since your system seems to be in-between states. Sometimes when all else fails a clean install of Windows might do the trick. But I have seen from some, that it doesn't always work. You can try to download the trial of Acrobat and install it with your serial number. Please note that you posted in the Reader not the Acrobat forum. You will get better help in the Acrobat forum, since that is where most Acrobat users hang out.

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                            mutvich Level 1

                            Thanks Michael


                            I will try again when I have time, but I spent five hours trying to install this product a couple of weeks ago under Windows 7,  with no success, and incompetent (unsuccessful 3 hour support call) support from Adobe so I am pretty checked out on spending any more time on this. 


                            It appears to me that Adobe is unable to support its product on the most basic level


                            Under Windows XP, the Acrobat 9 install was so unstable and compromised by license issues that I had run the License Recovery app daily, so frequently did the product break down or refuse to operate.


                            Acrobat has been one of my anchor products for years and years, but I am experiencing product instability and indifference from Adobe.  


                            I appreciate very much you taking the time to respond to me, it's the first evidence of any attention I have received.


                            Michael Utvich