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    Printing Comments (Sticky Notes) in Adobe Reader 9




      I know this question has been asked several times before, but I haven't seen any resolution to this problem. Does anyone know if Adobe is working on a patch/ fix for this problem?


      In any case, my question is this: how do I print comments (sticky notes) using Adobe Reader 9. The following are the responses I have already tried and that have not worked:


      1. Select "Document and Markups" in the print menu. I have already tried this. It makes no difference. The document still prints without the comments.

      2. Go to Edit > Preferences and choose the "Commenting" tab. There is no "Commenting" tab in Reader 9. You are probably thinking of Acrobat 9.

      3. Edit the registry key. Too risky, and since we are working on the client's machine, this is not really an option.


      Any other ideas? Thanks in advance!