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    Newbie looking for best setup practices in AE CS4 (MacPro 8core)



      I'm a video editor familiar with FCP and Motion, moving into AE CS4 for it's greater power in 3D space. I've installed the program and started my Lynda basic training, but I want to make sure I've got it setup in a way that won't lead to issues down the road.


      For example, in FCP, I use a second disk for renders etc, and a RAID array for the FCP files and assorted media (both imported and exported) organized by project and by type. I plan on doing the same for AE, but while looking at the AE prefs, I see I can assign memory by CPU etc,and I just want to be sure I use the Procs and RAM effectively. The machine is a MacPro 8-Core machine with 12GB RAM. The program sees 16 processor cores, so should I divide up the 10GB I'm allowing AE to use over those cores (using the Multiprocessing pref tab), or just let AE figure it out?


      In addition, I'm confused about the Overflow Volumes option. What gets put there, when and why?


      Lastly, if there's a newsletter along the lines of the Larry Jordan FCP site (larryjordan.biz) I'd love the referral.


      Thanks for your help.