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    Premiere elements 8 geez

    howardmil18 Level 1

      Having been happy with the 7, I went up to the Premiere Elements 8. I do not use Nividia Drivers. For the past month I have had

      14 CRASHES,,,,,,HAVING TO RE DO MANY PROJECTS. I do not know whats going on, but if It happens a few more times


      Howard Milstein

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Thanks for sharing, Howard.


          If you'd like to contact Adobe, please click the Contact button at the very top of this web page.

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            Kodebuster Level 3

            Not to burst your bubble, but I think Adobe will only consider a refund within a 30 day purchase period.


            If your close or went past that window of time, it could get ugly.


            You might want to post details on your crash issues, maybe some of us have been down your path, and could help the process along...

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              howardmil18 Level 1

              lol NOT UGLY just stupid. The link you gave me was not even a technical

              person so they gave me the tech service dept.

              to call by phone. I can say that with this type of introductory service, I

              see why Adobe elements 8 was panned by everyone. Have no fear

              steve, American Express if need be, will save my ***. They always do.

              Unfortunate also, cause I am used to using this product and it

              will take me a while to get used to a cyberlink with effects and so on. I

              will make a decision in a day or so

              Thanks for the notification


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                I bought PE8 in late December, my first Adobe product.   Nothing but trouble since, tried every recommendation.  14 crashes in a month?  Seriously, I'd be thrilled if I didn't have 14 crashes in 2 hours....


                For what its worth, after enduring much, I did finally get confirmation from Adobe they expect to release a patch at the end of Feb or mid March.  Nothing official mind you, but confirmed in one of MANY support cases I opened.   Thats probably by biggest beef with Adobe.  Man up, and let us know what is going on.  I'm just a guy that promised his sons school he would have a project ready for his basketball banquet.  The patch will be to late, but at least I FINALLY got an answer!


                From what I've seen PE8 do, I really like.  I think it will be just the ticket for me anyhow.   So, I'm holding my breath for the patch.

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                  howardmil18 Level 1

                  Interesting. I had good success with Premiere 7 and being a "nut" decided to

                  upgrade to the 8 with a twenty dollar rebate. (which the download never

                  gave me till this day!!)

                  Well, having enjoyed the product, I NEVER expected these CRASH problems with

                  the 8. They talk about the Nividia video card PATCH up; I do not

                  use a Nividea card (with no problem mind you). And still this frickin

                  premiere 8 just shuts down when I am working for more than a half hour or


                  It took me a while to get used to the way to work this program and so

                  being a person of habit (and not wanting to start learning and waiting for


                  fruits of another program) I have kept using the 8 for about almost 1 month

                  now. (I am still in the refund limit). and when it works,,,,it is quite


                  indeed, (as was Premeiere 7). If only we could find out WHY the program is

                  crashing???? Thats all I want to know??? Thanks for your response


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                    nealeh Level 5

                    howardmil18 wrote:


                    The link you gave me was not even a technical

                    person so they gave me the tech service dept.

                    Perhaps their website was undergoing maintenance or something. When I click "Contact" this is what I see:


                    Insanity is hereditary, you get it from your children

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                      Same here. Totally annoying. Perhaps a clue is the size of the project file. Mine is 1.85mb and crashes PRE, whereas an autosave version of 1.45mb still opens. The only difference being some more video cuts, some images added and a DVD title menu added.


                      Q to Steve or Bill: is there a PREL XML editor which allows me to debug (remove certain elements or segments) to check if that version opens in PRE? When I tried to manually remove one (all the IDs are sequenced), it refused to open the project point blank.