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    Can I completely remove all trace of updater?


      Updater built into Reader (8&9), PSE and PRE cannot access the internet from my desktop machine, but can from my laptop. They both have the same installations from the same CD, and the same antivirus (Norton360). The firewall settings on both N360 and the Windows Internet security settings are identical on the two machines. This leads me to think there is something corrupt in my desktop. I have completely uninstalled all Adobe software removed folders (including Programmes/Common/adobe), cleaned the registry and done fresh installs, but still doesn't work. Support have been no use - they simply tell me to reinstall even though I have repeatedly told them I have and it doesn't work.

      Does anyone know if there is a way to identify any other broken files that might be hiding away somewhere in my system. I have Win 7 64bit on both machines.