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    Reader 9.3.0 admin share updated to 9.3.1 issue



      I have the admin share of Reader 9.3.0 and updated it with the MSP patch 9.3.1. It installs on a clean machine fine.

      If it sees Reader 9.3.0 installed, it errors out and says Another version of this product is already installed.

      My admin share has a custom MST and I wanted to make sure users who updated or downloaded 9.3.0 got my

      customized version of 9.3.1. It appears that I woud have to uninstall 9.3.0 and install 9.3.1 to get my customized version.

      The other choice is to detect 9.3.0 and install the MSP to the machine. This isn't very corporate and would result in some

      machines not getting my customized install.

      I have tried to repair the 9.3.0 with the 9.3.1 install with REINSTALLMODE=OMUS REINSTALL=ALL...etc. This didn't help.

      Anybody have any ideas. I can always uninstall 9.3.0, but it seems more work. Also, the 9.3.1 updated full install will upgrade 9.1.0 version just fine and this has the same MSI GUID as 9.3.0.

      Anyone have any thoughts or ideas why a 9.3.0 install will not update/upgrade to 9.3.1 when the Patched 9.3.0 admin share is updated to 9.3.1?

      It appears just machines with 9.3.0 installed on them are going to be an issue.



      Jeff Little

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          we have exactly the same problem here and I also figured out, that the GUID seems to be the one from Adobe Reader 9.1. Is there any chance to update an administrative installation to 9.3.1 without uninstalling installed 9.3.0? In my opinion, an administrative installation will be made to avoid uninstalling on the client side, so hopefully Adobe will soon publish a patch which can be used  with an administrative share.





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            seranor Level 1

            Hi digiman57,


            do you have a solution in the meantime?


            I opened a support call with the response that a bronze or gold support status is needed to get support for adobe reader. So I'm looking forward hoping that you may have a solution already.