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    Here's an odd problem

    cathykimball Level 1

      I have just upgraded to CS4 so I'm not sure if this is related to that but it is driving me crazy.


      I have an invisible space image "spacer.gif" originally 1px x 1px sized to 800px x 50px.

      I have often used this method to hold open a space in a layout. I gave it a property of 0 border.

      When I view it in Dreamweaver using the browser view it looks as I expect. When I upload the files and view it in the actual live browser I find it displays with a gray border in Safari for windows, Chrome and IE8 (where it also has an image image as though it were a missing image). Firefox however displays it as I expect and as the Dreamweaver browser view does.


      Here is the link: http://www.2ndlookgraphics.com/newAA/index.html


      Obviously I am just in the very early stages with this site but I would like to figure out if this is some CS4 related issue or I have just made some ridiculously stupid mistake.


      Any feedback will be appreciated.