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    How do you update flash dynamically?


      I was wondering if anyone knows whether you can update flash display ads dynamically in real-time without having to create a new flash ads? Example being changing text or graphics within an ad without having to make a new one and uploading it to the ad server over and over again. I imagine some sort of actionscript would be involved. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, you can dynamically define/change the content that a Flash file displays.  To have Flash display content dynamically you need to use some form of data fiile.  These days the typical data file is an XML file.  This file can identify things that the Flash file will use, either establish different text or color schemes or imagery that it loads dynamically.  Yes, Actionscript will be involved, both in reading in the XML data and setting things up after parsing it.

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            dborra Level 1

            Thanks for replying Ned.


            I am completely new to XML files. So the XML file you would keep locally on your end? Would it have to be uploaded to the ad server where the ad is hosted? If there are some good tutorials out there that help explain this in greater detail please let me know. Again I appreciate your help.

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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The xml file needs to be somewhere online where the ad can access it every time it is loaded into a web page.


              If you want to learn how to have Flash work with an XML file, first decide which version # of Actionscript you plan to use, and then do a Google search using "AS# XML tutorial"  (you put a 2 or 3 where # is).  Including AS# in your search terms usually helps get better focused results.  You might visit gotoandlearn.com and find a video tutorial there about it.


              Then, once you have your XML file loaded and parsed into useable data, you need to look into how to go about loading an image dynamically, so adjust your search terms appropriately and see what you can find... "AS# load image" might work well enough.