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    Dreamweaver: files on desktop


      I am extremely new to Dreamweaver. I have been creating my first site. In all of the tutorials that I have watched, they all show for you to have your Dreamweaver files saved on your desktop. I was beginning to have a cluttered desktop so I decided to create a folder specifically for the Dreamweaver files and dragged and dropped them in. I went to preview my sight in the browser and my pictures show an X meaning that the link has been broken. I concluded that it must be because I moved the files into the new folder that I had created on my desktop. What I did next was to create a 'dummy' new site, using another new folder that I created on my desktop to store the new files in. I went to preview the 'dummy' site in the browser and it showed the X again where the image should be. My question is: is there another way to have your Dreamweaver files on your desktop, besides having them all individually spread out across? I want to keep things as organized as possible, so does Dreamweaver not recognize the files if you have them in a specifically created folder on the desktop for those files?

      Thank you. Any feedback would be much appreciated.