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    flex and air confusion

    Mongolian Beef Level 1

      I originally assumed that you can build Air apps using Flex 3, i.e. a Flex 3 app can be converted into a desktop app using Air. However, I got another impression when skimming through the Air docs that Air and Flex are totally different. Can anyone tell me the difference between the two in terms of development? I would like to know moving forward that if I invest the time and money on building Flex 3+ Web apps that they can be easily converted (or deployed as is) via Air on the desktop. Thanks in advance.

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          Gregory Lafrance Level 6

          The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a cross-operating
          system runtime being developed by Adobe that allows web
          developers to leverage their existing web development skills
          (such as Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, and PDF) to build
          and deploy rich Internet applications and content to the
          desktop. In essence, Adobe AIR provides a platform in between the
          desktop and the browser, which combines the reach and ease
          of development of the web model with the functionality and
          richness of the desktop model.
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            chris.huston.t10 Level 3
            I currently use the Flex 3 beta to convert my web apps to AIR apps. It is a very easy process. Flex allows you to add the AIR specific functionality as well. So I look at Flex as a development environment that can produce web apps and AIR apps equally well. The development process is essentially the same for both web and AIR apps. AIR apps just have more functionality such as local file access and windowing that the web apps do not have. In other words, the web apps are a subset of the functionality of AIR apps.