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    Need Book to create CS4 Template site using Sample CSS Style Sheets


      I need a "textbook" to help me while I create a DW CS4 website using:


      Template Type: HTML 3 Column Fixed with Header & Footer


      3 Sample CSS Style Sheets: Full Design Verdana, Georgia and Arial --


      I want to use a different color scheme for each of the 3 sections of the website.

      The left nav bar will be in Sample Full Design CSS Style Sheet Verdana Yellow/Green

      The right nav bar will be in Sample Full Design CSS Style Sheet Georgia Red/Yellow

      The middle editable section of the Index page will use Sample Full Design CSS Style Sheet Arial Blue/Green/Gray


      I struggle with CSS and using the Sample Style Sheets will get me started without errors.

      I am using the 3 column Template for the same reasons.


      I have searched the isles of the bookstores to find a book with more than a few pages on using templates, and haven't located one.  I am hoping you all might be able to lead me in the right direction.


      Thanks for being there, Genny


      (My background is several classes in DW but I still struggle with CSS.  I have a website online that I have taken over and have had several months experience updating that site.  So, I am ready to try again developing another website from scratch. Thanks.)