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    how to import 30p 1920x1080 footage into cs4




      I shot some footage using my canon hf20 in 30p, at 1920x1080. when i open a new sequence i don't see a setting for 1920x1080 30p under AVCHD.


      at first i was going to use the XDCAM HD preset since it's the only one i see that has 30p, but i realized that it's 1440x1080, not 1920x1080.


      how else to import 30p 1920x1080 into premiere CS4?


      1) will the 1080i30 (60i) setting preserve the 30p progressive footage (even though the option is listed in premiere pro under 1080 interlaced)?


      2) or is the only way to edit 30p progressive at 1920x1080 is to select the AVCHD 1080p 24p setting and change the frame rate to 29.97?


      3) or is there some other trick altogether?