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    Question on workflow for high end inkjet prints from InDesign CS4

    archie320 Level 1

      Photographs are imaged in Photoshop using Adobe 1998 as a profile. These files are linked in InDesign. My question is how should I output the files from InDesign. I've tried "High Quality Print" saving the files as a PDF then parsing those files with Photoshop as high res files. But the files lack the quality in the original photoshop files.


      My system in completely calibrated and I'm quite used to creating output for both offset printing (generally as per vendors instructions) as well us highend digital printing.


      Thanks ahead for your comments.

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          Printer_Rick Level 4

          You need an ICC profile that defines the destination color space. In this case the high end ink jet.


          This will be an RGB profile. You can use a factory profile corresponding to the printer model and paper (this would be part of the printer software install), or you can have a custom profile generated by reading a color target printed on the device. There are online services that can actually create the profile if you send them a print out. Follow their specific instructions if you choose to do this.


          Once you have the print device ICC, check the Color Settings in ID. Make sure the RGB policy is "Preserve Embedded". As long as this was the setting at document creation, the image Adobe RGB profiles were honored.


          To double check, look in the Links panel. Under ICC you should see Adobe RGB, not Document RGB.


          You can also right or control click on an individual image. Go to Graphics: Image Color Settings. By profile it should say Adobe RGB, not Document RGB.


          In the print dialog, Color Management, select Document radio button. Color Handling, Let InDesign Handle Colors. Printer Profile, select the Printer ICC. Do a small test print, then check the result to see if it's satisfactory.