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    How to create FrameMaker glossary entries which convert properly to RoboHelp HTML 8?

    I_am_Sammy_Spencer Level 1

      I have been having a challenging time creating FrameMaker 9 glossary

      entries which convert properly into RoboHelp HTML 8. Here is the process I'm doing, and perhaps someone call tell me what I'm doing wrong.


      1.) In the FrameMaker document, I highlight a word or phrase which serves as the "glossary term" to be defined.

      2.) I open the Marker dialog box, select the Glossary option, then enter the "glossary definition" for the highlighted "glossary term." I commit the entry.

      3.) In the FrameMaker Book file, I create a new "Index of Markers" (IOM) of "Glossary" type. Upon generation of the IOM, my FrameMaker output is much like a standard index: There are letter delimiters ("A," "B," C," etc.), and under each is the "glossary definition," then a page number where the "glossary term" is.

      4.) Now I go to RoboHelp HTML 8 and update the document there. The glossary displays such that the "glossary term" is the entire paragraph in which the marker had been placed in the FrameMaker source file. The "glossary definition" is displayed properly (the text I placed into the Marker dialog box.


      So, how am I to create auto-generating glossaries? This implies that I need to create a manual glossary whereby the "glossary term" is in a paragraph by itself (much like a printed glossary would look). Furthermore, I would need to add this manual glossary as a file in the FrameMaker Book file for RoboHelp 8 to detect and pull the entries.


      Surely this isn't as how it was designed. I suspect I'm doing something wrong in how I create glossary entries or create the file in the FrameMaker Book file.


      Could someone offer some assistance?


      Thank you very much in advance!




      Most sincerely,


      Sammy Spencer

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          It's because you're doing your markers backwards. The text inside your Glossary marker should be the term. The paragraph your marker is inside is the definition.


          I should say, rather, that Robohelp does it backwards, because when I think of glossary terms and definitions, I think there should be a way to highlight a word and provide the definition in the hidden marker, not hide the term inside the marker.


          I am still figuring out how to make a glossary in my Framemaker file that will work with my Robohelp file, and not have Robohelp generate a separate content file for the glossary file. I think I'll get it, though. Eventually.