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    Need a "Reverse" Ecommerce Program that isnt expensive


      I need to create a web site for US to buy products FROM our customers. I shall call this item a "Widget".


      We buy Widgets in any condition. We want to develop a site that a customer can go to. Select their widget that they want to sell to us and its condition. It will display what we will pay. The customer completes the check out process. We get the "Order" and connect with the customer for local pick up or arrange shipping.


      So lets say we will pay $ 100 for a broken widget. The customer selects the widget, checks out, obviously doesnt need to enter any credit card details, and completes the order. We follow up from there to make it happen.


      My though would be for a customer to select the model of their Widget ( As it comes in dozens of models ). From there it would go to the next page and they can select the condition of the Widget by a drop down menu. It could say something like


      Condition Working $ 200
      Condition Broken $ 100

      This feature is basically the "Upsell" feature on most ecommerce platforms.


      Once selected they will select SELL TO US ( instead of the tradition "Buy" button ) and go through the check out.


      Now I know there are plenty of commerce programs out there that can do this. However when you have the upsell feature they start to want $ 100/mo for the commerce package. I have looking into programming this with PHP, but it was cost prohibitive.


      I need a basic ecommerce platform that handled low inventory quantity and has an upsell feature for short money per month. Paypal/Google check out as they cannot handle zero priced items.