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    Need help adding a graphic style


      I am working on a PC using Windows 7 and CS4 Illustrator. I created a isometric frame using the various rectangle tools. Instead of using color to fill I would like to try and put a wood texture from an image on the face of the frame. It works using one of the presets in the graphic styles library under textures but I would like to use my own texture. I have tried everyway imaginable to add my image as a texture to the graphic styles library and can't seem to figure out how to do it. I spent 4 hours last night and made no headway.


      I would greatly appreciate some help!




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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          In order for you to do what you want  by way of graphic style you would have to create the wood grain using effects.


          If you want to use your image you ha a way or tow to try. you can select the shape that makes the face or plane you want to map the image to and map a symbol made fro the image to that face or plane. If it is one flat shape say a rectangle what you can do is give it a 3D effect of extrude and bevel and set the rotation  and such to zero as well as the extrude depth and bevel of none.


          Then go into the Map art section and map your image.


          You first have to turn your image into a symbol not a graphic style.


          The other way is to make the image a swatch but you have to be careful that the image matches where the swatch tiles meet when you fill the object.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            You might also want to look at this as well you can also make you own brush which you might find useful for a more random kind of look.