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    Importing a flash site in Dreamweaver


      Hello; Can someone tell me how I can import a site,made in Flash,in Dreamweaver??It's for appyling serverbehaviours and all the other stuff you need to make the site dynamic. When I import the swf,html or fla file in Dreamweaver,I am getting the flash placeholder(of course) whitch is of no use. In Dreanweaver it isn't possible to make such great designs like in Flash,so therefore I was thinking:why not make the design in Flash and than export it to Dreamweaver. Is there anyone who has the answer?? many thanks!

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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          DW is a web authoring application for creating HTML pages.  Flash creates FLA project files.  You'll need to export your FLA in Flash to SWF.  Save to your DW local site folder.


          In DW, create a new HTML page.  Insert menu > Media > SWF.


          That said, Flash only sites don't do well on Search Engine results pages because the bots can't index Flash content.  Flash sites are not usable by all mobile devices most notably iPhone, iTouch, iPad don't support Flash.  And unless your site visitors have Flash enabled in their browser, they won't see anything.  So be sure to provide HTML equivalents for people/devices who can't use Flash.


          Relevant Link: Is Flash Dead Yet?




          Nancy O.

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            Igorbuitendijk Level 1

            Hi,thanks very much for your answer.

            I have posted this question,because the possibilities in Dreamweaver in making a nice looking template isn't that great.When using AP in combination with CSS you can't create great designs just like in Flash(I think).

            In flash it is possible to make nice figures,menu's,footers and so on.So I was thinking:when I create a template in Flash and then transport it to DW I can proceed inserting behaviours and all.

            Am I right when saying DW hasn't got the right tools for making a nice looking template?(with rounded corners and so on??)With AP-elements it looks kind of boring I think.