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    Really stuck..


      I'm taking a computer class and I've never used Flash before. One of our assignments requires us to follow a tutorial (

      http://www.vineyardesigns.com/tutorials/flash/index.shtml ) which creates a train that will eventually move across the screen. I'm stuck on step 16 which helps you make the spokes of the wheels on your train turn. As I've tried to rotate the spokes counter clock wise, instead of just the spokes turning, the whole box containing the wheels rotates and I end up with a line of vertically standing wheels. How do I just get the spokes to rotate even though it says select both the spokes and the wheel for the movie clip? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          create a new movieclip.  use the center of that movieclip's stage as the wheel's center.  draw your spokes radiating out from a hub at that center to the wheel's periphery.


          now when you rotate that movieclip all the spokes and the wheel will rotate as you expect.