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    Remote Object (Java) - Data Service (Java) intercomm


      I was wondering how to have my Remote Object Java implementation communicating (exchanging messages) to my Data service Java implementation.

      The scenario is as follows: my Flex client app needs to connect to a 3rd party resource, that requires authentication. I was thinking to use a Remote Object destination that will perform the user authentication. It will store a valid session object (Java) to be used later on for performing various opperations to that 3rd party resource.

      At some point, during the same Flex browser session, a Data Service destination needs to be accessed, which will also connect to the 3rd party resource. Well, for this operation, I don't want the user to authenticate again against the 3rd party resource, as a valid session already exists, and stored by the Remote Object Java implementation.

      The question is: how will my Data Service Java class be able to talk with the Remote Object Java class, to get that 3rd party session object (which is also a very complex Java object) and use it to connect to the 3rd party resource?

      Thank you.