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    Robohelp 8: general functionality question




      Can RoboHelp 8 build "knowledge base" something like wikis? I mean following features:

      1. I have a list of users, who can create content/articles/help pages. And content manager needs to confirm articles before they are posted or they get status "confirmed"

      2. Need version control: see who and when changed articles and rollback to older version if needed.

      3. If any of these features available, please describe briefly how to achieve that or how this solution is called in RoboHelp terms.



      Thanks in advance.

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          johndaigle Level 4

          Hi, mvi-2

          I would say you can achieve some of this, but not in the traditional "wiki" sense.

          The list of users (Subject Matter Experts) could send their content in the form of Word documents to the Content Manager who would then import them into a RoboHelp project. Optionally, these Word documents could be "linked" to the RH project so that if the subject matter expert makes a change to the Word doc, the Content Manager could then update the HTML content in the RH project and re-publish the current information.


          RoboHelp 8 comes with RoboSource Control (RSC), a version control database application which can store source content, keep track of versions and rollback to a previous version if necessary. RSC is free and comes on the RH 8 DVD but it is optional and not installed automatically.


          I don't know if this is adequate for your scenario, but it's one way to approach it.


          John Daigle
          Adobe Certified RoboHelp and Captivate Instructor
          Evergreen, Colorado

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            mvi-2 Level 1



            Thanks for sharing ideas. Your suggested plan looks good in my case.

            I need couple more technical details:

            - should I use RoboHelp for Word to import existing documents into RoboHelp (WebHelp project)?

            - How can I keep these Word documents "linked" to content which is already uploaded into project, as you mentioned?