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    CFHTTP Not Parsing RSS for Display

      I am using CF6.1, Windows Web Server 2003, on a Dell Server:

      I am having a problem with one specific RSS feed to display on a website (with permission), but can not get it to work. I am able to get RSS feeds from other sources to work using cfhttp and xmlparse(), just not this one. I need someone who knows RSS and XML to give me some direction. The feed from the source works fine through an RSS Reader and IE7, just not using the normal tools I have with CF.

      The specific feed is from GoUpstate.com Sports to display in assocation with a local Radio Station (www.espn1400am.com). The link is http://www.goupstate.com/apps/pbcs.dll/section?Category=RSS07&mime=xml. I have tried to do a simple cfhttp, xmlparse, and dump without success.

      Here is what I get in the CFCATCH:
      Message: Document root element is missing.
      Err Number: 0
      Type: Expression

      You can see where I am running some tests at http://www.searchupstate.com. Here I am using the same code to pull RSS Feeds froms several sources, I just can't get the aforementioned feed from GoUpstate.com to work.

      Thank you for your help in advance,

      David G. Moore, Jr.
      UpstateWeb LLC