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    How do I add subtitles?


      I just finished editing my movie but, I need would like to add a three second "name and location" of the person speaking while the video is playing at the bottom of the picture.  How is this done.  Is it "Subtitling" or "Closed Captioning"? Thanks, Allan

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          Paul787 Level 3

          In Timeline Mode, place the Current Time Indicator at the point you would like the title to begin. Then, go to Title-->New Title-->Default Still. Now you can choose your font, etc. and place your title exactly where you would like it to appear. By default, yout title will appear for 5 seconds but can be adjusted to whatever length you want on the timeline.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, in the Library, there are several pre-made Lower-Thirds, that you can choose from too - just alter the text to suit. Remember to create a new one, for each text box that you want. If you just edit the Menu, every instance of it will reflect that/those change(s).


            Good luck,



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              nealeh Level 5

              You can also click the "Add Default Text" icon:


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                Ed.Macke Level 3

                Another simple technique is after adding your text in the Titler, add a rectangular box. Make it the color you'd like (frequently black), then resize it to be slightly larger than your text. Move the box over your text, but then change the "order" to be behind your text.

                In this way, you have your text displayed over a solid background instead of directly over the video. It can make for a nice, professional look, I think.

                You can play around with the color and transparency of the background to give you different looks, too.

                Another way to do the same thing would be to create a new Title that is  just boxes, and put it on a lower video track than your text. Same effect, just a  different way of doing it.

                Just some ideas...