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    How do you make a fullscreen website?


      Hi, I've searched everywhere and can't find a good/working explanation of how to create an all flash site that can automatically fill the browser window.  I don't want the content to scale, just have certain "white space" areas expand to fill and also have things like menues or footers always be at the top/bottom.  Please see http://www.theantfarm.net/ for an example of what I'm trying to accomplish.  They are doing exactly what I'm talking about.  Thank you so much for the help!!  I'm sure this is a lengthy process which requires a lot of steps and planning so if you can just help point me in the right direction that would be ok too!



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          Harry Kunz Level 4

          You can easily make the flash fill the whole browser by using Flash's Publish Settingsin File menu. In the Format tab, check HTML then in HTML tab, pick Percent forDimensions box and No Scale for Scale box. Flash will automatically generate the HTML script for you with AC_RunActiveContent.js that renders the SWF onto the whole browser's content space.

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            flashQman Level 1

            Thanks for the reply! Yeah I've done that but it doesn't do anything.  The content stays exactly the same for me.  Plus How would you designate certain area to expand and certain areas to not?  For example, in that link I attached, and also this one, http://www.happyhourcreative.com/.  The circle element in the middle does not change in size but the white area between the logo and the footer expands.  Secondly, the footer is always at the bottom and fills in to fit the screen but still doesn't expand or shrink the text.  I feel like there must be some special ActionScript going on or something to designate certain elements to do different things.  Any thoughts?

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              Harry Kunz Level 4

              The "expansion" you are seeing is done automatically if you did those steps i gave. You don't see a difference because the setting is "no scale" which you will want. If you right click any part of the area of your browser where your content resides you will see flash's menu, meaning it did "expand". There is no special scripting going on. You just need to get the exact dimensions of the expanded area by Stage.width & Stage.height and then use those values for the corresponding positioning and resizing of the elements on stage (i.e. footer at bottom). Take note that Stage.width & Stage.height when just run in flash will return the Stage width/height (550x400 default) but when it is retrieved while flash is in browser (using the steps i gave) then it will retrieve the exact pixel dimensions of the entire browser content space which is in my case a value of 1247x907 using Google Chrome with a screen resolution of 1280x1024. Try it by placing a text box on the stage and setting it Stage.width and Stage.height so you see the values on stage. Animations that are done exceed the default stage dimensions but are seen when run in and "expanded" version such as that circle thingy animating to the left.