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    TLF backgroundColor


      Hi there,


      Not sure if this is expected behaviour or not, but in the Flash Builder 4 beta 2 I'm having a bit of trouble with the RichText component. I'm using TextFlow to set the content. The backgroundColor property (which is present in the TextFlow, and all the child <p/>, <div/> and <span/> tags) doesn't work -- the only tag it works on is <span/>. Given that <span/> doesn't support any child tags (not even <br/>), this makes it impossible to set the backgroundColor of an entire paragraph, for example. Entirely separate RichText objects must then be used which uses up a good deal more resources and kind of detracts from the appeal of using RichText/TLF in the first place (might as well just use a bunch of Labels within a Group or two).


      Is this correct, or am I doing something wrong? Is there a workaround to set the background colour of a paragraph?