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    Flash10e.ocx version or


      First I had used the flash uninstal tool from adobe and successfully removed the older version of flash player

      I thought I downloaded flash player 10 version, but when I go into my browser IE7 and look at the manage add ons,

      I see Shockwave Flash Object as an Active X Control File Flash10e.ocx

      But when I check the version tab in the manage add ons part of IE7 it says version


      Now when I check elsewhere on my computer I see the following:


      Under the Vista version of add/delete programs I only have

      Adobe Flash player 10 Acyive X  version


      In C:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash I only  have

      Flash10e.ocx and FlashUtil10e.exe


      In C:\Windows\DownloadProgramFile  I only have

      Shockwave Flash Object


      When I go to www.adobe.com/software/flash/`about it says

      "You have version" and the little animation thing shows successful



      So why does the "version" in IE7 Manage add-ons show Active X Control Shockwave flash object as Flash10e.ocx but with version number

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          pwillener Level 8

          I don't know why it does that; my IE even shows a 9.x version...

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            I have Flash Player Version    just checked mine and

            when I go to Tools>Manage Add Ons

            I see Under "Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer"


            Item     Shockwave Flash Object  


            Type   Active X Control


            File     Flash10e.ocx


            When I open up the tab Version, I see


            Even though it says the file is Flash10e.ocx


            There is no other flash/shockwave item showing


            So it is confusing, is it Flash10e.ocx even though it says version Is it a bug with IE7 or Vista?


            Pat - When you look in the same spot (Tools>Manage Add Ons>Add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer) do you see

            Flash10e.ocx but it not showing the version as, but as


            Is this the same for everyone using IE7?


            Sorry Count, didn't mean to jump on your post, but I noticed the samething you are seeing.

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              HPN Technologies Inc.

              I'm also experiencing something weird going on with the version of the update.


              After installing, I too get Adobe reporting that I'm using version, however, a lot of web sites I visit now pop up a warning that Flash 8 or later is required to access the site. They no longer seem to be able to recognize the Flash version that is running.


              This happens only on IE7, everything works fine with Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

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                MerryMort2000 Level 1

                in your IE7 tools>manage Add-ons  does it show flash10e.ocx, but then when you check for version does it show version instead of

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                  HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                  In my case IE7 tools, manage add-ons shows Flash10e.ocx


                  http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/ displays: You have version 10,0,45,2 installed.

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                    MerryMort2000 Level 1

                    Go to IE7>Tools>Manage Add-ons>enable/disable add-ons>

                    look at the shockwave flash object the file should be Flash10e.ocx, BUT then click the tab to show version number. What does that say?

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                      HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                      Interesting, the version field is blank.

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                        MerryMort2000 Level 1

                        are you see

                        ing any versions noted for other items there?

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                          HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                          Yes, all the other add-ons have version numbers displayed.

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                            HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                            In addition, if I go to windows/system32/macromedia/flash and check the flash10e.ocx file properties:


                            Date:  January 26, 2010

                            Version:  10.0 r45

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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Hi HPN, There has been a very strange back and forth, with 4 threads on the forum here. I have been trying to follow them.


                              MerryMort posted a thread to which I have been helping her on. Count100 has a thread, Tomasz77 has a thread and Vanillaglow has a thread.


                              It appears that among these 4 threads a lot of back and forth about the same thing regarding whether the tab in IE shows or not and is FP "really" installed, etc.


                              Also discussion on DLM/GetPlus, which I clearly gave MerryMort, who had to re-register for some reason and is now MerryMort2000 instruction on and also other information and it was determined that she had the Flash Player files correctly installed and the Shockwave Flash Object correctly installed.


                              Now on her thread she advises me that she UNINSTALLED the correctly installed FP!


                              The final and only test is the Adobe test and if Shockwave Flash Object is reflecting Flash10e.ocx and is it enabled

                              which I explained to her. Why all of this re-hash is going on among these threads, I do not know.


                              Does your Flash Player work as it should and can you see Flash content?


                              From what I see from your post, you have all you need installed.

                              Just a FYI

                              Making a mountain out of a mole hill, serves no ones interest.




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                                HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                                Hi eidnolb,


                                Thank you for your reply. To clarify, the problem appears to go beyond just what versoin is displaying in IE add-ons.


                                It appears that the update is somehow incompatable with many web sites that check version numbers. While many websites work without problem, there are also those that now pop up a warning that Flash 8 or higher is required and then won't display flash content. Seems they cannot, for some reason recognize the current version that is installed.


                                This happens only on IE7. Firefox, Safari, and Opera all work fine with the update.


                                Hope this clarifies the problem a bit.



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                                  MerryMort2000 Level 1

                                  eidnolb- I posted on here because I too have had the weird version showing up in my manage addons as connected to flash10e.ocx


                                  I uninstalled hoping that might solve the problem.

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                                    eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                    Hi HPN, thanks for the reply. One reason it is always best to start your own thread, is that you don't get so many different posts with different OS/browsers and problems.


                                    I understand the message that you get on some sites. You may want to check your Java versions, the latest being

                                    JRE 6 update 18. Another thing to consider is that the websites that are giving you that message may or may not have

                                    updated their websites to work with the latest version. It may also be that they have their website post a "generic" message. In other words if your FP doesn't match theirs, they just post that generic message, assuming the user has not updated. I have never heard of a website that has NOT updated their site, say, well we have not updated our site, but we see you have the latest. LOL


                                    Just something to consider as to the reason. A lot of variables involved.


                                    When you installed FP using IE, you did remember to Reboot? 


                                    You could also check your Add/Remove or Program files on the Java. If the sites that give you that message work with the other browsers, then I would suspect an add on in IE that is conflicting.


                                    Check out your Java first, then we can take a look at the add ons in IE. Some conflict with IE, and also with each other.





                                    P.S.  Please clarify: Do you or do you not have the Shockwave Flash Object ActiveX Control installed in IE add ons, whether "currently loaded" or "have been loaded?" Preferably it should be Flash10e.ocx (as I previously explained to MerryMort on her own thread). If it is installed and lists Flash10e.ocx and is Enabled, then I see no problem. The # the IE7 tab says does not rule. The Flash10e.ocx rules since this works with the FP files that are installed in the Flash folder.

                                    I hope this clears up this, "the tab" says. LOL


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                                      HPN Technologies Inc. Level 1

                                      OK, solved problem of non-working websites by going to control panel, and add/remove programs, and removing the ActiveX control and then doing another install. Appears that unless I do this via the control panel, the problem keeps recurring.


                                      (IE tools, manage add-ons still does not display a versin number for Flash10e.ocx, but at least all those non-functioning websites are working again.)

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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi HPN, thanks for posting back. Glad you have it solved. Sorry for the confusion on the thread. I have a desktop with quite a few screen shots that the users have sent me that I have assisted. IE8, IE7, IE6, MAC, old versions and new,

                                        Windows XP, Vista(all 4 versions) and Win7. Many times the Shockwave Flash Oject version # is never listed.


                                        Just a FYI for future use. When someone offers advice, click on their name and you can see when they registered and what thread they have replied on and whether they registered to just reply to other threads, or did they start their own thread. You can see then the content of their posts and any replies they have received and make a better judgment on the advice they are giving you. You can also see the date they registered and that will give you an indication on how long they have been on the forum.


                                        As on any public forum, you have inexperienced people giving suggestions and advice. And sadly, many register and offer malicious advice as well. As long as I am on the forum and see this, you can be sure that I will respond. I don't appreciate anyone giving advice that will create more grief than the person asking for help already has and I will certainly let it be known to that person giving it.




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                                          MerryMort2000 Level 1

                                          eidnolb- You are very good at helping on here, and I do not want tio make it appear that I am not grateful

                                          But For the record, I offered no advice. I merey asked HPN to look at something. I take offense if you are insinuating that I'm offering advice.

                                          Also for the record, I do think it is somewhat important that the file and the version number match up.


                                          It would seem to me if this many people have problems everytime ADOBE offers an update for Flash, then  ADOBE should really have some of their staff on here to also offer help. Such as the other vendor forums (Norton,Malwarebytes, etc)

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                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                            MerryMort, I replied to your thread and while I was there responded to your post here.





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                                              MerryMort2000 Level 1

                                              thanks I asked one further question on my post