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    Elements 7: Why are red screens appearing in my finished DVD


      Hi all this is my first ever forum entry anywhere so i'm a little bit excited lol. Anyway I am new to premier (previously used pinnacle studio) and have burnt my first dvd in premier elements 7 which consists of video footage, still photos and music with menus, transitions and titles etc. But there are red screens appearing throughout the dvd. I have no gaps in any of my timelines and not using overlays at all. Has anyone else had this or know what's causing it.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum, and to fora in general.


          Now, can you give us the details of this Project?


          1.) the source AV files, where did they come from, their specs, and how you got them into PrE, i.e. did you Import them from your HDD (Hard Disk Drive), or did you Capture them from your camera, via FireWire. The make/model of the camera used to shoot these would be very helpful too. If you need to find out specifics on the AV files, the free utility, G-Spot can give you those details. Probably the best and easiest course would be to do a screen-cap of the G-Spot screen, with one of the AV files in it. That will save you a lot of typing.


          2.) please give us the dimensions of your still images. This would be the pixel x pixel dimensions, and not the file size.


          3.) what Project Preset did you choose, with New Project?


          4.) though less important, please let us know a bit about the Project, going to DVD-Video, such as Duration, the Menu Set that you used, etc.


          5.) what brand of blank DVD media did you use?


          I know that the above list seems a bit long, but the details will help us pinpoint the issue. Also, do these red screens come with just the stills, or just the AV files, or does it matter - they appear in all Assets? Do they seem to happen around Titles, or anything else that you can find common?


          Good luck, and we''ll be looking for the detials.



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            LindaMullen Level 1

            Hi Hunt,


            Thanks for your quick reply. OK in reply, here's what I can tell you...


            1. The source of the files is: from my Panasonic HDC SD100 camcorder recorded at full HA 1,920x1,080 mode onto a SDHC card which I then inserted into my card reader and copied onto my HDD. So in PrE in imported media files from my HDD.


            2. Still images are taken from the same camcorder and the pixel dimension is 1920x1080 (5.93) – I haven’t resized as I never did in Studio and didn’t have any issues. I also included some still pics from the video footage itself using the freeze frame option which are 1211x679 (2.35).


            3. The project preset I used was PAL>AVCHD>Full HD 1080i 25 5.1 channel.


            4. The project is of my recent summer vacation. Firstly I created 4 projects named Boating, BBQ, Beach and General. Each project duration was between 9 mins to 18 mins totalling 51 minutes. Once each project was complete I exported it to the PC as a MPEG2 file using preset MPEG2  1920 x 1080i 25. These files I played back on my computer using Windows Media Player and they were all OK, everything was perfect (ie no red screens). So then I created a Final project which included the menu set ‘Adventure’ and then imported the 4 x MPEG2 files named Boating, BBQ, Beach & General. Each of these files were marked with a menu marker to mark the scene selections. This all worked fine on the DVD, I was able to toggle between the scene selections and main menu screens etc.


            5. I’m not sure of the brand of the media as the dvd’s are on a spindle and we have thrown out the wrapper but from memory it could be Princo.? But they are DVD-R and are white printables and I have used these heaps and found to be very reliable.


            As far as when it’s happening I will have another check because I haven’t watched it right through. When I noticed it after scanning the first copy I just stopped watching and re-burnt another copy but made sure I disconnected the wireless internet and closed down any processes that didn’t need to be running so less resources were being used. But when I had a quick skipping through the scenes on the 2nd copy I noticed the red screens again. I haven’t compared the 2 dvd’s yet to see if they appear at the same point but I will (when I get time) but I definitely did notice it on the stills when I saw it (which weren’t near titles). So I will have to watch all of it to see if it is happening in the AV files or see if there’s any common denominator.


            BTW I was having a play around about 10mins ago and when I tried to drag a clip into the timeline I got a dialogue box that said:



            Clip being dropped contains solid background colour.


            Do you want to apply Videomerge on this clip?   YES    NO


            What does this mean and do you think this might have something to do with it?


            Thanks heaps for your time Hunt.


            Ps How do I add music to my menu’s?


            Cheers Linda

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              I do not see any problems with your workflow, or your Assets. Everything looks good to me. Maybe someone else will see something going on.


              As for your blank media, you can download the free burning utility, ImgBurn, and when it surveys your system, if you have one of the blank DVD's in the burner, it will give you the full info. It is also a great little burning app, and will allow one to drop the burn-speed down, where PrE will average the speed of the media and the burner, and choose the fastest. Note: if you go to the ImgBurn site, you need to scroll down to the lower section, as the entire upper section is all ads for other software. This is confusing, but then the great utility, ImgBurn is free, so maybe I should not be too critical.


              Please let us know about two things: the Assets, where the red frames appear, and then if both discs are exactly the same.


              One test to run, would be to Burn to Folder from PrE, and then use ImgBurn to do the physical Burn to Disc, at a speed that is in about the middle of the range, that it allows. Were I to do this test, I would pick up a couple Verbatim discs, just to eliminate that as a possibility. Another use of this test would be to use a DVD software player to play VIDEO_TS folder (well, actually the files in that folder), to see if the red frames appear there. If so, then we know that they are being introduced in PrE, between the Timeline and editing and the Transcoding process.


              Good luck, and I hope that someone else has some ideas on this.