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    Help! Still hanging on to the original CS...


      and it just started bugging out. (Coincidentally, right after Windows upgrade made some installations....????!)


      Here's the storyline:


      My Illustrator CS, running on XP w/svc pak 3, suddenly started to hang-up upon opening this morning. It's getting stuck initializing plug-ins and there's nothing I can do but kill the process. I've tried re-installing just the illustrator, and uninstalling/re-installing the whole creative suite (chucking the preferences also, in case that was the problem).  The only app in the suite that still opens is photoshop.  Acrobat gets hung-up also, whether I am trying to boot the program from a document or the program itself.


      Is there anyone out there who remembers this version (11) and can advise something other than give it up and spring for the upgrade?!!!   I'm desperate!!!








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          markerline Level 4

          I had the same problem with CS AND CS4 simultaneously on a Win XP 32-bit Pro machine running SP2 and SP3.  I resigned to myself to getting a brand new computer with Windows Vista and the problem hasn't reoccurred although I am no longer running CS, just running CS4.  I would say it's the OS but it could be other services running on your OS that are interrupting Adobe CS from launching.  It could be too many fonts or conflicting fonts installed on the OS.  It could be a host of reasons.  Maybe too many applications installed on the same machine?  Can't be too sure.  I chose the route of investing in a new machine as access to CS4 was critical for me and I couldn't seem to get the problem solved.  Try this:  go to the start menu and Run...>msconfig.exe and do a "selective startup" by deselecting certain services from starting up.  Do this by starting from no services to gradually starting up each service one at a time.  I know it sounds time consuming but a selective startup might fix the issue as I think it solved part of my problem at one point.  The problem I ran into though was that I needed certain services such as anti-virus software so I just scrapped the msconfig route and got a new system.  I don't know if you have that same luxury.

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            Jubilee_27 Level 1

            Hi and THANKS!!!


            I will try this tomorrow...I am so frustrated and sick of this right now, I

            know I'd make mistakes.


            Everything wasworking more or less fine until those recent windows updates.

            Though, now that you mention it, I did have a lot running at once.


            I hope this works...will let you know...