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    How to bring 3 different Sample CSS style sheets into 3 different areas of DW Layout?

    InJoy! Level 1

      I added the 3 sample css style sheets I want to use into my site.  Now I am trying to bring a different sample css into different sections of the layout.  Example:


      Sidebar 1: green/yellow

      Sidebar 2: red/yellow

      Middle: blue/yellow


      I seem to only be able to have one for the whole page.  Is this true?


      What I am doing is clicking on the div tag: <div.sidebar#sidebar1>, then "Edit CSS" and then scroll down in the Class window to "attach style sheet" and there at the bottom is a link to the sample css style sheets.  I click on the one I want and it changes the css for the whole page not just the sidebar 1. Is there a way I can get a different css sample style sheet for each sidebar in a 3 column layout, and a different sample css for the middle?


      thank you very much